Morpheus, Macau

IMG-20180630-WA0046  Visiting the brand new hotel Morpheus by the office of the late Zaha Hadid left me contemplating movies like Blade Runner, Minority Report and their influence on architecture.

When entering from the City of Dreams shopping mall/casino/hotel complex, one enters the hotel through the beautiful 40 meter high lobby without seeing the outside of the building.


The lobby is breathtaking with strong futuristic appeal. Twelve lifts zoom up and down like a transport system in Minority Report.


Beautiful materials and patterns abound, yet, the abundant space can carry it off and the result is surprisingly serene. The small cafe, staff and music that fill the space are a carefully composed ‘gesamtkunstwerk’.

Looking up and to the main entrance, one sees a main feature of the architecture: the exoskeleton, facilitating the structural free empty space of the interior, while also giving distinctive character to the outside appearance and architecture.


Walking through the main entrance one can overlook the architectural appearance of the exterior. Designed as a box with an exoskeleton, the elevation is in three places morphed into the building, creating irregular holes (‘worm holes’, so to speak, bending the space-time continuum ) that create a beautiful skylight above the lobby and make the lift ride an exciting experience.20180630_11132320180630_11132720180630_111516

A New Club on the SS VIRGO

Refurbishment of a floating resort

The three back decks of the SS Virgo, a 879-foot passenger cruise ship had been used as children’s playgrounds and an outside eating area. To attract a new and younger crowd to the ship, a new concept, ‘Beatship’, was developed. This party concept comes alive every time the ship anchors in Hong Kong. Sitec Studio was asked to design the club.

Key to this challenging project was that the onsite works had to be carried out while the ship was fully operational.

Samsung 20 juli 2015 293
The main back deck (8,800 ft2) on level 10 was transformed into a party zone with DJ booth, video screens, dancing podiums and leisure pools with love seats.
Samsung 20 juli 2015 540Samsung 20 juli 2015 536

Samsung 20 juli 2015 543

Samsung 20 juli 2015 545

Curved bars were added, the longest over 20 meters (225ft), from which can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea while having a cocktail.

The two second decks (level 11, 4,300 ft2)  were transformed into a VIP club zone with different types of seating, jacuzzis and bars.

The third deck (level 12, 7,200 ft2), a little more remote from the bustle of the party zone, was transformed into an outdoor sports bar including snooker, beer pong and various seating areas. This zone is mainly used as a pre-or post-party zone.
SS VIRGI, sportsbar,3, Sitec Studio, Bert Bulthuis (4)SS VIRGI, sportsbar,2, Sitec Studio, Bert Bulthuis (3)
The interior children’s playground was transformed into the Diamond Club, used as an entrance zone for parties on the decks and a quiet bar zone.
SS VIRGO, entrance zone, bar, 04, Sitec Studio, Bert Bulthuis (4) - Copy

SS VIRGO, entrance zone, bar, 03, Sitec Studio, Bert Bulthuis (3) - CopySS VIRGO, entrance zone, bar, 01, Sitec Studio, Bert Bulthuis (1) - Copy

Around 1,000 guests can attend a party on the ship. These parties take place overnight on the open sea, after which the ship returns to Tsim Sha Tsui Harbour in Hong Kong’s Kowloon for breakfast.

Kokomo Capital Ltd, Club Lusitano Building, Hong Kong


The refurbishment of the Kokomo Capital Ltd offices took place in 2017 and spanned a whole floor of the Club Lusitano building — 1,800 sq ft. The offices are situated in the prestigious financial district of Central in Hong Kong.

Sitec Studio’s assignment was to design and build a turn key space to the client.

The design takes its cue from modern industrialism and searches for a balance between work and pleasure. As such the office contains a work area, a kitchen/bar zone, a games area, a massage room and an interior garden.



We at Sitec Studio wish for everybody on this planet to stay safe from the Corona virus.

At the same time we are still  keeping you up to date with our current  projects and reference the things afoot in the fields of architecture, urban design and interiors in the midst of social distancing,  Zoom meetings and good family time.

Stay safe and hug your loved ones!

— Bert Bulthuis, Principal architect, Sitec Studio, 2021