CEO of Architectuurstudio SITEC and Sitec Studio, Bert Bulthuis was educated through the Dutch system and holds a Masters degree in Architecture and a Bachelor degree in Building Science.

He founded Architectuurstudio SITEC in 1993 in The Netherlands, where he and seven staff designed and realised up to 200 buildings. His main design specialities are: housing projects for special needs groups, environmentally-friendly buildings, housing for private clients and the redevelopment of historical buildings. The main themes of his work are: building as an existential manifesto; building from a circular environmental perspective; designing from a specific situation (genus loci); and from the needs of specific end users (genus humanus).

Bert works as an architect in Hong Kong on projects in Asia and in The Netherlands on projects in Europe. In 2012 he founded a new firm in Hong Kong,  Sitec Studio for Architecture & Design Ltd, to expand on his Dutch building philosophy.