Private House H, The Netherlands – Architecture and interior (On-site building started)

project Venestraat Zwolle, Sitec Studio20 Micro-apartments, Zwolle, The NetherlandsUrban Planning and Architecture (Concept Design Stage)

Smaragd, from offices to appartements, In development

Refurbishment and Add-value Project from Office Building to 108 Apartments, The NetherlandsArchitecture (Concept Design Stage)


Mixed-Use inner-city development, Zwolle, The Netherlands – Urban Planning + Architecture (Concept Design Stage/ Competition)


History Museum (not yet public), The Netherlands –  Architecture (Concept Design Stage) 

190725 Architectural FT(Rev. A)_Moment 1.13

Monastery, Lumbini, Nepal – Urban Planning +  Lead coordinating Architecture (Schematic Design Stage) 

Please see the above projects that Sitec Studio has underway. These include a private house, museum, religious buildings,  micro-apartments, the revitalization and redevelopment of a former office into apartments and a mixed-use inner-city development.