Article Eigen Huis en Interieur (HOUSE and Interior) Dutch Magazine about private house designed by Sitec Studio in The Netherlands

Publication 02, 2018, Eigen Huis en Interieur ( HOUSE and Interior) Dutch Magazine

810_3176-Walter Frisart FOTOwerk
Private House W, Gieten, The Netherlands

Article in The Dutch Chamber of Commerce Hong Hong magazine nr. 194, 2018. The  article describes a ‘Location 3’ workshop for the Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong

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September 2018 article in the Hong Kong Economic Journal in which Dr. Gregg Li explains how innovation and technology can make a crucial difference in solving one of Hong Kong’s most pressing problems: its housing shortage.

I am quoted on how our innovative prefabricated housing method (the JigSaw Concept) can help to alleviate social housing shortages in different ways.

article Hong Kong Economic Journal