Studio Sitec has featured in the following publications recently.

Eigen Huis en Interieur (HOUSE and Interior) magazine.

810_3176-Walter Frisart FOTOwerk
Private House W, Gieten, The Netherlands


The Dutch Chamber of Commerce Hong Hong magazine (nr. 194, 2018). The  article covers a ‘Location 3’ workshop for the Central Harbourfront in Hong Kong at which Sitec Studio was a participant.

Dutch Chamb 194 – FINAL OUTPUT (web-single page)_0


The Hong Kong Economic Journal (September 2018) in which Dr. Gregg Li explains how innovation and technology can make a crucial difference in solving Hong Kong’s housing shortage. Sitec Studio’s innovative prefabricated housing method (the JigSaw Concept) is discussed in the context of alleviating the social housing shortfall.

article Hong Kong Economic Journal